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Lightning Bolt by Peal Jam is now available.

Pearl Jam Tuesday in Philly

Pearl Jam played their second Philly show on Tuesday and boy was it a fabulous!  I always catch them when they’re in town and I was lucky to get a seat last night. Even though I sat behind the stage, Eddie would turn to us every now and then and even sang a song directly to the bunch of us in the back.  The guys brought their usual high energy and their mighty musical talent playing a great mix of stuff off their new album, Lightening Bolt (which we have in-store), a lot of deep tracks and a variety of their bigger hits.

The band treated concert-goers with a few of their ballads but it’s their heavy, loud style and sound that I love best. There were some songs I didn’t know but that’s one of the things I love about Pearl Jam.  They’ll play songs that their hardcore fans will know and the rest of us will want to check out again. I found myself looking at the set list this morning and going though my Pearl Jam to see which albums had the songs I didn’t know. Another thing I love about the band is they never play the same set twice.  If they’re in Philly two nights, you’ll see a different show each time.

Time after time, and year after year, I never tire of seeing this band live.  They completely energize me and I continue to look forward to each new release they put out.

Did you go to the show?  What’d you think of it?