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Justin & JAY Z – Perfect Together

Last night, I finally saw the concert I’ve been looking forward to all summer, Justin Timberlake and JAY Z at Citizens Bank Park.  I saw Justin back in 2007 and JAY Z for the first time at Made in America last year and really enjoyed both of their shows but seeing them perform TOGETHER just took the concert to a new level.  They were both amazing!

I thought they’d each do their own set, kind of like the way Elton John and Billy Joel do their Piano Man tours, but I was pleasantly surprised when they began alternating performances before heading into their own individual sets.  I have to admit that I prefer my rap in small doses, so I think I enjoyed JAY Z even more because the songs went back and forth from rap to more R & B for a little bit. 

Both performers put on a such high energy show, it was difficult to sit down.  You just couldn’t help but dance all night.   I will definitely go see both of them again.  It was a show well worth the ticket price.

Did you go to the show?  How’d you like it?