Elton John autographed a record purchased from us at his show on November 27th.

Elton Autographs a Vinyl Revival Record

One of the things I enjoy about owning a record store is meeting so many people who I have something in common with – a shared love of music.  I love it when I can find an album that someone has been looking for and was so happy that I was able to fulfill a customer request for Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” album Wednesday night.  Our customer was sitting in the front row for Elton’s show and was hoping to get Elton to autograph the record for him.  I was going to the show too so I meet up with our customer, Joe, at the Wells Fargo Center to give him the record.  Elton was kind enough to autograph the album and Joe shared a picture of the signed record with us. It’s moments like this, being a part of a memorable musical experience, that make me love what I do even more!