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Charlie Gracie and Bob Charger to Appear at Screenings

"Charlie Gracie Fabulous" and "The Wages of Spin" screen at The Vault at Vinyl Revival in November.Charlie Grace Fabulous” chronicles the life and career of Rock and Roll Pioneer, Charlie Gracie. His #1 Hit “Butterfly” knocked Elvis from the top of the charts in 1957 and sold over three million copies Worldwide. He continues to be a great ambassador for Rock-N-Roll.

The Wages of Spin” chronicles The Philadelphia Music Scene from 1952 thru 1963. The film focuses primarily on Dick Clark, Bandstand, The Teen Idols and Payola.

As a special treat, they’ll be a personal appearance by Charlie Gracie at the First Friday show on November 1st at 7 p.m. and WOGL’s Bob Charger makes an appearance at the Saturday, November 2nd show at 2 p.m.

Tickets are $8 or $5 for students and seniors.

This double feature also screens at 2 p.m. on November 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th so don’t miss it!

Lightning Bolt by Peal Jam is now available.

Pearl Jam Tuesday in Philly

Pearl Jam played their second Philly show on Tuesday and boy was it a fabulous!  I always catch them when they’re in town and I was lucky to get a seat last night. Even though I sat behind the stage, Eddie would turn to us every now and then and even sang a song directly to the bunch of us in the back.  The guys brought their usual high energy and their mighty musical talent playing a great mix of stuff off their new album, Lightening Bolt (which we have in-store), a lot of deep tracks and a variety of their bigger hits.

The band treated concert-goers with a few of their ballads but it’s their heavy, loud style and sound that I love best. There were some songs I didn’t know but that’s one of the things I love about Pearl Jam.  They’ll play songs that their hardcore fans will know and the rest of us will want to check out again. I found myself looking at the set list this morning and going though my Pearl Jam to see which albums had the songs I didn’t know. Another thing I love about the band is they never play the same set twice.  If they’re in Philly two nights, you’ll see a different show each time.

Time after time, and year after year, I never tire of seeing this band live.  They completely energize me and I continue to look forward to each new release they put out.

Did you go to the show?  What’d you think of it?

The Who and Lennon are available on vinyl.

It’s My Birthday Two

Today we remember the life and music of two of rock & roll’s greatest, John Lennon and John Entwistle, both born on October 9th.
John Lennon, founding member of The Beatles, would have been 73 years old.  Although his voice was silenced at the young age of 40, he’s left a legacy of music and peace that still resonates today. His musical career began in the 1950’s in Liverpool England where he formed a skiffle band called The Quarreymen.  This band would later evolve into The Beatles.   The Beatles, as you might already know, took the world by storm in the 1960’s.  Lennon and McCartney became one of the most influential and innovative songwriting teams of all time, Lennon’s solo work raised our social consciousness and the rest is history.
I had the most amazing trip to Liverpool this past summer.  While there, I went to the house where Lennon lived with his Aunt Mimi, went to Strawberry Fields and saw the open space where John used to run and play, visited the Casbah Coffee Club where John’s name is still inscribed on the wall, and hung out at the Cavern Club where The Beatles played to a packed house.  It was such a moving experience to see the places John wrote and sang about in his songs and I highly recommend a trip to Liverpool for every Beatles’ fan.
Although I never had the honor of seeing Lennon live, I did have the  pleasure of seeing Entwistle perform live on several occasions with his band, The Who.  It was something I never thought would happen especially after the band announced their farewell tour in 1982.  I was a young teenager and I begged my parents to let me go to JFK Stadium to see the band who I thought I’d never ever get to see again.  They said I couldn’t go and I was crushed!  Luckily for me, there were more gigs after the ’82 farewell tour and I was fortunate to see Entwistle play.  His bass playing really added an extra umph to the band which contributed to their heavy sound. It was a sad day when I heard the news that John passed.  I actually had tickets to see The Who when he died.  I’m glad for the shows where I did get to see him play.
Today, I celebrate their musical legacies and hope to turn a new generation of music lovers onto them by continuing to sell their music…on vinyl.

We’re Now A Record Store Day Record Store

We are super excited to announce that Vinyl Revival is now a participating Record Store Day record store!  This designation means that we will sell the special  Record Store Day releases in our store on Record Store Day and on Black Friday.

Record Store Day is a celebration of music by independent record stores held on the third Saturday of April that  features special releases, live performances, etc.  We are so happy to be included in this group of indie retailers who truly care about keeping the spirit of the record store alive in the digital age.  We plan on making our first Record Store Day a huge celebration for all of our customers and our community!