Vinyl Revival in the News

Have you seen the July 8th issue of The News of Delaware County?  If not, pick one up to read all about Vinyl Revival.  Thanks to Delco News Network for the wonderful article!


Vinyl Revival in the News

Vinyl Revival in the News

4 thoughts on “Vinyl Revival in the News

  1. Anthony

    first, WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!. I also grew up in South Philly (17th and McKean) and found my way into DelCo.

    second, I understand you you’re not a DJ store, but will you be selling turntables and equipment? Seems like even basic turntables online are ridiculously priced…ever since Tenics stopped making turntables, other turntable prices have risen.

  2. Post author

    Anthony, Thanks for the welcome! Yes, we will be selling turntables/record players. I hope to have a few vintage record players as well. Hope you can stop by and see what we will have available.

  3. Post author

    Joe, we will be buying more records but right now we are well stocked. Maybe you can check back in a few months. Thanks!

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