They Say it’s Your Birthday

One of my personal photos of Sir Paul from August 2010.

One of my personal photos of Sir Paul from 2010.

Yeah, I know the Stones are in town tonight and I should probably be writing about them today, but it is my all-time favorite musician in the world’s birthday today, Paul McCartney.  If you have never seen McCartney live, you don’t know what you are missing!  Besides playing some of the greatest songs ever written from The Beatles and Wings for close to three hours, he brings so much energy to his performances that it is contagious.  Not only that, he is super nice and has a connection to his fans that I haven’t seen anywhere else.  He seems to genuinely love performing and love his fans. 

The last time I saw McCartney it was in Philly in August 2010.  I already had tickets to both his shows but decided for the hell of it to check for better tickets for the second night’s show that morning.  My daughter saw a listing on Craig’s List for front row seats so she emailed about them. They only cost the ticket price and I thought it had to be a scam.  After multiple emails and phone calls to the ticket’s owner, my husband and I were able to meet up with the owner outside the venue and the tickets were legit! We bought the front row seats minutes before the show began and I was so excited, I thought I’d faint!  Sitting in that front row was absolute magic, like he was playing just for me.  I did not move for over three hours.  I don’t think I’ll ever get a chance to sit that close to him again but it is a memory that I will always cherish.

Happy birthday Paul!  Keep on rocking!

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